Three insulting acts that spark TNI’s anger over Australian military

Professor of International Law from University of Indonesia (UI), Hikmahanto Juwana, said that the Military Commander has taken a right step to temporarily suspend cooperation with the Australian Defence Force (ADF).  “It responds the incident at an educational center in Australian special forces on three things,” said Hikmahanto Juwana in Jakarta, on Wednesday (Jan 4).

Firstly, Juwana said, it was to respond the discredit of Sarwo Edhie’s role in the September 30th Movement of the Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI). Secondly, it also responds the essay written by an Australian student related to the issue of Papua. Lastly, a writing of Pancasila in the Headmaster’s room was indicated as an abuse of the ideology of Pancasila.

Juwana emphasized that the suspension of cooperation is the right decision, for ADF Commander promised to conduct an investigation into this matter. The suspension was conducted during the investigation until the results will be announced.  “The possible results of the investigation would say that the mistake was committed by rogue military personnel of ADF and it is not an official stance of the ADF, evenmore the official stance of the Australian government,” he said.

The ADF will also be pledged to take action against those who was responsible for the incident. The forces commander said the results of the investigation will save the cooperation between the Indonesian Military and ADF. ADF and the Australian Government would say, they prefer on keeping good relations with Indonesia rather than protect their military personnel. “This event would be a good precedent for Australia, so its officials would not easily commit harassment against Indonesian figures or degrading sensitive issues for Indonesia,” he said. (rol)

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